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Two students working, seen from above.

My Quals.

"Let your users know a little more about you".

Linguistics, BA (2:1), MPhil (UCL), and I have collected an MA in Electronic Communications and Publishing (UCL) and a postgraduate Diploma in Education (UCL, IOE)



Most of my students are from London and mainly from good schools (Good School Guide cohort). International students can have their tutorials via Skype. Uni students are mainly from London Universities and abroad.

Desired Outcomes

From my point of view, I want you to be the best linguist in the world.  In the 15 years I have tutored, I have not had students who failed. For school students, I want you or your child not only to pass but to be one of the best students in the group. For uni students, I want you to have the one to one contact that is usually denied.

My Approach  

My approach is to achieve results in a short time, and not waste time with gimmicks. In order to achieve this, I rely on the student and parent to have files and information accessible at the tutorials, in order to focus on what needs revising or studying in detail. I want the language to be alive, and have a direct relevance to the life of the student.


"Emilce Rees is known to me as tutor for my daughter in Spanish ("pooled" at Cambridge, and graduate from Bristol University). Emilce was a great help throughout my daughter's A levels but especially she was fantastic in helping in her  final University dissertation." 

Parent, North London. 

"Emilce taught me Spanish over a period of three years (2009-2012).  She is knowledgeable, hardworking, and an excellent communicator. Over the three years, she brought unparalleled resources and research to my studies (Pre U Spanish).  She encouraging and motivative. She is an excellent tutor."


Student at Winchester College now at Cambridge. 


"I had Emilce originally for CE French and Latin and then later for IGCSE French. Emilce helped me hugely, before I started with Emilce for IGCSE, I was predicted a D. After 6 months one-to-one tutorials, I eventually got an A* in my IGCSE French. I was always impressed with Emilce's willingness to help out, day or night she was always available by email and Emilce spent hours preparing for each tutorial and bringing a whole wealth of resources. I would recommend Emilce to everyone, no matter their level."


Former Westminster School pupil.


"Emilce has tutored my daughters, who attend St Paul's, in IGCSE French for almost a year. My daughters asked me to find a tutor to help them improve their spoken and written French as I was unable to help them. I have found Emilce to be professional and highly committed to my daughters. She customises the sessions according to my daughters' interests so as to further engage in their discussions while at the same time she still manages to concentrate on the prep work for IGCSE. My daughters have found their sessions very constructive and have noticed a big difference in their written and spoken French since working with Emilce. Although they are on schedule to do well on their IGCSEs in French, they have asked me to continue their sessions with Emilce. You could not ask for a stronger testament than that from a student(s) about their tutor!"
Parent, St Paul's, London.


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