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Since 2005, I have been working along these lines


  • 90 minutes is right : for the tutor to explain, and for the student to work during the tutorial, to show whether they have understood.


  • When you hire a tutor, although parents/students EXPECT an increase in grades, there's no guarantee that that will be the case (uni students take note)


  • There are different approaches to linguistics in particular. I tend to rely on the books and articles that I have used for myself and with other students. It is up to you to know what the university expects you to follow. On no account do I write the essay for you nor am I responsible for your final grades/scores.


  • There are many variables (student's intellectual capacity, ability, willingness to work hard, the person marking the essay, and failing to keep to the course spec) that will affect the outcome.


  • If the student is making progress in the lesson, there is no reason to think that the student won’t succeed.


  • The structure of your argument is yours, and you are still expected to work hard outside the tutorial, particularly with essays.


  • The tutor is there to give guidance and do support research if needed, not to write the essay for the student. It's up to the student how effectively the student incorporates the tutor’s advice, and judge its relevancy.





Emilce Rees, 2021

All Languages
Up to A level | 90 minute lesson | Skype an option
All Modern Foreign Languages and Latin :


PRICE: £ 55

University Tuition | 90 minute lesson per session
£ 60 per hour
Linguistics: £ 65 per hour
All Languages
Private Tutoring per hour 


PRICE: £ 55
Secondary School Exam Preparation
Hourly rate |  weeks (as needed)


PRICE: £ 55
Business English | IELTS |  TOEFL
Hourly rate |  weeks (as needed)
PRICE: £ 55
Academic English |  Essay correction |  Research
Hourly rate |  weeks (as needed)


PRICE: £ 60