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English and essay writing

English is the lingua franca but my aim is not "globish" but to get you to pass your IELTS exam or Cambridge Proficiency. Even if you want me as an EFL teacher (and ALL previous knowledge will be used - yours and mine, as I don't believe in not translating), we shall be learning academic English. For your A levels, GCSEs in English or University essays, it goes without saying that you are expected to be interested in English literature and obscure topics. Grammar is finite, and has its own terminology, but the ideas and sources of knowledge are not. I have worked with students who were parsing Anglo Saxon (passages from the Bible) to cutting edge Olaudah Equiano. I "started out" as an EFL teacher, but the training I received at the Profesorado was scholarly (and RP only allowed !).



Clapping Audience
English as a Second Language

I'm myself an ESOL speaker, starting off with Cambridge Proficiency (A) to teaching English for Academic Purposes. I can help you because I have been in your situation, and I can in  most cases translate into or from your own language. 


Business English

I am not thinking of "just" office English: even for the International MBA you need to attain band IELTS band 7 or higher or a high TOEFL score. For your university "business" essays, I can help you research your topics and help you with your presentations. Please note I do not do any "hard sciences".


Exam Preparation

Let me help you to lock your knowledge and revise with confidence.  For exam and essay "prep" I do not charge for MY research time, but then please allow this tutor time and space to help you. Us tutors do not "copy-type" - and neither does your university lecturer. In other words, do not throw topics at me and expect an essay back - we need to work co-operatively. Most good students know this. I am intellectually curious, and ready to expand and frame your academic topics. 

English Literature and Linguistics

With the choice of a "Linguistics" flavoured A level, which some might consider too technical, you will need a tutor to help you revise and conceptualise. At a more advanced level, you will need to defend a specific theory and apply. For English lit., very heavily influenced by French philosophy (wrongly called "European philosophy") I can help you to examine your English texts in accordance to up-to-date critical theories (always following what your university lecturers stipulate, not unorthodox theories). 

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